Sanitary measures for events in France From august 9th to November 15th 2021

Following the decree taken by the government on 06-06-21 modified on 08-07-21, the sanitary measures to apply on any event from August 9th until November 15th are :

  • health precautions such as gel, signages, distancing…
  • event capacity to be visible at the entrance using signage (even if there are no longer restrictions on space capacity -  on the square meters, or on the number of participants)

Sanitary pass check:

-the sanitary pass check is required at the entrance of any event during opening hours. From August 9th for all visitors and participants and as from August 30th for all participants including exhibitors teams, providers, venues teams entering the perimeter of the event. Children from 12 to 18 years old will have until September 30th to update their situation regarding the sanitary pass and therefore a tolerance can be applied until then for this age group.

-Sanitary pass check is not required during set up and dismantling phases except if organizers decide to.

-the organizer is responsible for implementing the sanitary pass control on his event perimeter.

How to control the sanitary pass:

  • completed vaccination process + additional 7 days
  • Negative PCR or antigenic test, validity less than 72 hours (self-tests can only be validated by medical teams)
  • positive test with over 3 months and less than 6 months.

A precise listing of teams in charge of checking the sanitary pass has to be implemented by the organizer, registering names, dates and hours of controls.

An invalid sanitary pass (7 days after a full vaccination not completed, validity of test issued for example) must in consequence result in refusing access by the organizer to the person concerned.

The participant can choose to go to get anotherr PCR or antigenic test and come back again if it is negative.

Request for a health pass in case of vaccination abroad (procedure for tourists visiting France, outside European countries)

Who can apply for a health pass?

If you were vaccinated in one of the following countries: EU Member States, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, United Kingdom (England and Wales), Switzerland, your country of vaccination provides an EU digital COVID certificate accepted in France or, for the UK, in a digital format also accepted in France. You do not then need to convert your pass.

  • You can apply for a Vaccine Equivalence Health Pass if you meet the following conditions:
  • You are from a country outside the European Union;
  • You are 18 years of age or older. Until 30 September 2021, the health pass is not required for minors aged 12 to 17. Moreover, minors under 12 years of age are not subject to the health pass requirement;
  • You have been vaccinated with a vaccine accepted by the European Medicines Agency or equivalent for :
    more than 4 weeks after the injection for one-dose vaccines (Johnson&Johnson) ;
    more than 7 days after the second injection for two-dose vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    more than 7 days after the injection if you have recovered from Covid-19 (in this case, only one injection is necessary);
  • You are already in France or in the European Union or you plan to go there in the next few days.

How to apply?

Gather all the following documents, in electronic form only:

the application form (PDF - 27.8 kb) ;
your vaccination certificate, drawn up in accordance with the rules of the country of vaccination and clearly indicating the type of vaccine used;
your passport;
your return ticket

Send these documents (in pdf, jpg or png format) by e-mail, only to the address that is appropriate for your place of residence. Attachments in zip file format will not be processed.

The following addresses can be used:

For US citizens:
For Canadian citizens:
For all other countries:

Applications received by any other means will not be considered.

To facilitate the processing of applications received, the email must be addressed with a title as indicated below:
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE / FIRST NAME / Date of arrival in France in DD-MM-21 format
For example: USA / DURAND Anne / DD-MM-YY

Please note!

Incomplete applications will not be processed. You will have to start your application again. Do not forget to complete and attach the form!
Your entire submission should not exceed 10 MB. If your application exceeds this limit, it will not be received by our services.

As soon as your application has been processed, you will receive an e-mail containing a QR code. This can be printed and presented on paper, or added to the TousAntiCovid application, to prove your vaccination status.