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(Sweeteez Professional™ is a Brazilian trademark owned by a manufacturing and business group called (Brazil 2 Export LTDA – B2E) which led by an experienced management team and has covered regions from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East to Asia. With three regional offices in São Paulo, Madrid, and Kuala Lumpur and has been able to access over 20 international markets. Located in Sao Paulo, B2E’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing facilities are operated by a skilled workforce and highly trained chemists that is steadfast in upholding Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This work has contributed to the establishment of a portfolio of brands that include the Gold Caviar ®, Diamond cells ®, Maria Isabel ®, Flamingo®, Mabelle ®, Femini ® amongst more than 14 other privately labelled projects in the beauty and hair care arena.)

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