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Donatti is a brand derived from the Italian word “donati” which means donation, dedication, care and commitment. And there is no way to talk about care if we only think about aesthetic results. Beauty goes far beyond beautiful hair, it starts within us, in our convictions, passions and desires. It is born from the need to reinvent, to surpass and surprise. For this reason, we seek humanized care in all aspects, from the close way in which we relate to our partners and employees to the way we see our customers and consumers, as people who are looking not only for beauty, but also for physical health , emotional and well-being.


Donatti is a brand with a 100% Brazilian youth spirit, seasoned with benefits from various nationalities, after all, we live in one of the biggest cradles of miscegenation in the world. And in the midst of this good mix, Donatti was strongly influenced by Italian culture, as Brazil is the country with the second largest community of Italians in the world.

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