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Shadow by Céline Antunes and the teammate

Sunday 11 September 2022 from 3:20 am until 3:50 am
Shadow by Céline Antunes and the teammate

Céline Antunes, France Essential Looks ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional for more than 15 years, has had the chance to enrich herself and travel the national and international stages thanks to her very own universe and the trust the brand has had in her for years. years.
The shows, the editorials, allowed her to express her creativity, but she did not forget the essential:
Salon work, transmission and training.
Which, as she always says, allowed her to have her feet on the ground but her head in the stars.
Having fallen into the pot of hairdressing since childhood, Céline likes to pass on the love of this beautiful profession.


The CELINE ANTUNES show takes us into a Blackness universe where colors are revealed by heat and light, for a moment they appear and disappear. This is the story of Alchemycolor. The paintings intertwine haute couture and the avant-garde; sharing, transmission, tolerance announce the identity of this show.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's meet at 3:20 p.m. on September 11.

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