Next edition on 4, 5 & 6 Sept. 2021

I MCB PARIS I 4, 5 & 6 Sept. 2021

Headliner Pascal Lombardo


Headliner Pascal Lombardo

Headliner Pascal Lombardo Headliner Pascal Lombardo

Meeting with Pascal Lombardo, the new headliner of the 360° stage of the 2021 edition of the MCB by Beauté Sélection :

Born and raised in the south of France, it’s near Toulouse that his passion for hairdressing began 15 years ago. Through his training he perfected many different technique of hair styling and colouring, which helped him develop a loyal clientele.

In 2011, Hungry to expand his experience and express more of his creativity, he moved to London and joined one of the best salons in the British capital. There he learns a lot professionally and humanly. The English adventure continues, his notoriety grows as well as his clientele. Now he continues to work a few days a month at Gielly Green Salon, one of London's most renowned salons and he is also working on the creation of his future salon which will be in Bordeaux

Pascal has also worked at London Fashion Week collaboration with prestigious brands such as Richard James, GO 247, Nasir, Momposina...

Between France and Uk he practices his talents for editorial shoots for iconic brands such as Vogue, Disney, Specsavers, Hunger Tv, G3 Magazine...

In 2018, he started to enter into hairdressing competitions in France and internationally. He won 2 Trophies, THE BIG ONE "cut category" and LES VICTOIRES DE LA COIFFURE "Blonde category" and was a finalist in 6 other categories.

In 2019, Pascal is one of the 6 finalists of the BRITISH HAIRDRESSING AWARDS and THE INTERNATIONNAL VISIONARY AWARDS (London), IBI AWARDS (New York), THE BIG ONE (France) and was 3rd in the BLACK SMOKE TROPHY (France).

In 2020, he won the prestigious L’OREAL STYLE AND COLOUR TROPHY FRANCE and just being finalist for the COLOUR WORLD GENIUS AWARDS which will be hold in London the 6th September